Boys And Girls Club After School Program Fails To Receive Funding For 2014-15

The Madison County 21st Century Learning Centers Project was developed in partnership between Twin Oaks Juvenile Development and Boys & Girls Club (B&G Club) of Tabula Rasa.   The District School Board of Madison County was identified as the fiscal agent for the 21st Century Community Learning Center/ B&G Club grant.  The program included activities related to parental involvement, tutoring, mentoring, drop-out prevention, character education, physical education and recreation, science, reading and math.
The funding cycle which allowed B&G Club to operate after-school programs at Madison County Central School, Lee Elementary School, Greenville Elementary School and Pinetta Elementary School ended on July 31, 2014. A new cycle began on August 1, 2014, and required the submission and approval of a new grant application. Twin Oaks Juvenile Development and Boys & Girls Club (B&G Club) of Tabula Rasa completed and submitted a new grant application to Florida Department of Education for review and subsequent approval to fund Madison County’s B&G Club activities for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Ray Griffin, Chief Academic Officer for the District School Board received the following official notification Tuesday, September 30, 2014:
“The Florida Department of Education received 128 proposals requesting over $50,000,000. We were able to fund 50 proposals, totaling $23,995,336. Each accepted proposal that met both state and federal requirements was evaluated and scored by a committee of three peer reviewers comprised of experienced educators, administrators and professionals.
We regret to inform you that the application submitted in response to the 2014-15 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) Request for Proposals was not selected for funding because the application did not attain a rank/score high enough to be funded.”
Unfortunately Boys and Girls Club of Tabula Rasa will not be offering/ operating after-school activities at the school sites within District School Board of Madison County.
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