Betty Lawrence Updates Commission On Possible Library Grant

5.2.14 - Betty Lawrence - 001

5.2.14 – Betty Lawrence – 001

By Lynette Norris

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Betty Lawrence, Suwannee River Regional Librarian for the Madison, Suwannee and Hamilton County library systems, appeared before the County Commission to give everyone an update on the possibility of receiving State Aid To Libraries grant money again this year.  The state now has some new requirements for its library grant, which could mean that Madison might get a little more this year, but “we have to go through the process, and get the proper signatures and verify that at least one library in the county is open 40 hours a week,” Lawrence told the commissioners.
The City of Madison Public Library meets that 40-hour-a-week requirement, and once the commission approved Amendment #1 to the State Library Grant Agreement, it seemed everything would be in order for the upcoming grant cycle.
Lawrence also briefed everyone on the automated record system with its advantages of better administrative record-keeping, and the user-friendly electronic card-catalogue for library patrons.
As for the Greenville Library, Lawrence told the commission that now was the time to prepare a grant application and get Greenville placed on the list for a new library building.  There were things they needed to think about, including: did the county have land in or near Greenville for a new site, or did they need to purchase some?  Were there any landowners in the area who might donate a small plot of land for a new library building?  Did they want to build an entirely new building from the ground up, or was there a suitable building, that, with grant-funded renovations, would work just as well?
With that in mind, the commission voted unanimously to approve the amendment to the State Library Grant Agreement.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris