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Bass tournament announcement

Cherry Lake Fire Rescue, Inc. will be holding a bass tournament on Saturday, April 23 beginning at 6 a.m. and lasting until noon.

The fishing competition will be held at Simm’s Boat Ramp, located at 2092 NE Cherry Lake Circle.

Registration for the event will start promptly at 5 a.m. and the entry fees for the event are $100 per boat (with two fishermen included) or $50 per fisherman.

The cash prize for the winning division is $500 for the first place winner, $250 for the second place winner and $150 for the third place winner.

Prize money will be paid to the first through fourth place winners if there are more than 21 boats entered in the tournament, first through third place if there are less than 20 boats or first and second place if there are less than 10 boats entered.

For more information regarding the event, call (850) 929-2354 and leave your name, number and inquiry or email

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