Arts, Crafts And Ribbons At the Woman’s Club

By Lynette Norris
Greene Publishing, Inc.
Out of 16 entries, 12 garnered blue ribbons. Three took red, and one took the white. The members of the Madison Woman’s Club are not only a hardworking group, they’re an amazingly talented group as well. Each January, their annual Arts & Crafts Show showcases their creativity in a wide range of media, from painting to needlework to jewelry making. Carolyn Edwards and Judy Fritsche scored three blue ribbons each, with Edwards also capturing the People’s Choice Award for her large, intricate lacework medallion. Sara Adams took a red ribbon in jewelry making, and two blue ribbons in painting, one for an acrylic landscape, and another for a still life watercolor. Shirley Bushee won a blue ribbon in the wreath-making category, and another blue for oil painting. In the knitting, weaving, crocheting and other needlework categories, Judy Fritsche demonstrated how versatile yarn could be with a blue ribbon for a pink baby sweater, another blue for a knit “toy tree” and a third blue for her knit snowman. Glenda McClamma won a red ribbon for her purple scarf, a ruffled mound of intricate knitting work. B.J. Curtis took the blue with a pink knit baby blanket. Debbie Bass won a white ribbon for her crocheted hat. Sandy Bass won a red ribbon for a knit scarf in blue and purple, and Helen McCain took a blue ribbon for a white knit scarf. All the blue ribbon winners will go on to compete at district level. If they win the blue at district, they will go on to state. Congratulations to everyone and good luck to the blue ribbon winners.

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