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Android text message causes virus

People who are team android should be cautious of a virus that was recently disclosed attacking Android phones via text message. The virus can affect the phone without opening the text message. According to Zimperium, the virus is called Stagefright, which is used by Android to play and record multimedia files. According to AVAST Software, yet to be discovered as the worst, Stagefright is susceptible to Android. Tabis Johns has had an Android phone for a year. “I received a virus on my phone randomly from a download,” said Johns. “t made me more cautious of the sites I visited, and what I downloaded. It still exists on my phone today with a message telling me to pay a fine when I try to get on the Internet.” Of all Android devices that run Android versions Froyo 2.2 to Lollipop 5.1.1 are affected, which is 95 percent of Androids. Hackers use a phone number to send a multimedia message (MMS) to phones.

There are 950 million Android devices expected to be hit by the virus. The malware is sent to native messaging apps on Android devices or any app that is enabled to process video, including Google Hangouts and WhatsApp. Hackers have control of all your information without your consent by knowing your phone number, once your phone is infected. In order to be protected, go to the default messaging app and disable the Auto retrieve feature. Therefore, your device won’t become infected and videos will not load in the background. Yulita Howard, an Android user, said she is aware of the virus. “You don’t think a virus could come through a text message, that’s a little scary,” said Howard. “But for Google to act on the problem quickly gives me a little reassurance. I’m happy that I wasn’t a victim.” The latest Android devices in the last five years are affected.

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