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Amazon suffers password leak

The popular online marketplace, Amazon, has experienced a password leak at an unfortunate time— just a week before Cyber Monday.  According to a November 24 report, sent a number of its customers an email that their passwords may have been compromised. Amazon performed a force-reset on all passwords of account holders that received this message.  It is unclear how many users have been affected or if current passwords are safe for users who did not receive the message.  Most technology magazines and websites encourage users to take precautionary measures in times like these. Changing one’s password may be an inconvenience, but it is considerably less hassle than fraudulent charges being placed on one’s account.  Even when password leaks are absent, it is advisable to change one’s passwords on all accounts— email, financial, and otherwise— periodically to protect data therein.  Amazon also offers a two-step verification to sign into an account on its marketplace. This requires the user to enter a security code sent to the user’s mobile device after an incorrect password is entered.  This option can be found under “Your Account,” “Change Account Settings” and finally, “Advanced Security Settings.” Where the user sees “Two-Step Verification” there will be a yellow button that says, “Get Started.” This will begin a walkthrough of the set-up process. Two-step verification is also available on Apple products, Google products and Facebook.

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