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A young mother’s perspective on choosing life

Story Submitted: Ashleigh Singletary

When I got pregnant with you, I was terrified. So many thoughts and questions ran through my mind, like: How could I be a mother? How could I raise a child? Would I do it "right?"

What would my parents think of me? Would I be a good mom? Could I love you like you deserved, even though I couldn't love myself at that point in time? Why would God trust me with you?

Do you want to know what thought didn't cross my mind? Abortion/murdering you. Even though I gave you life, you're not mine. You are a gift to me from God.

I will never wrap my head around how people could find out they're pregnant and the only option that crosses their mind is killing their baby; God's innocent child that He entrusts them with.

Ava saved me. When I say I absolutely had no love for myself before I was pregnant, I mean it. But, watching what my body was capable of ... experiencing carrying and growing a child inside it, holding her safe, feeling her kick and loving a total stranger so much. It was incredible and, man, did it give me a different insight on myself.

I beg of you, if you feel like abortion is the answer, don't do it. It isn't the only option. There are women/men out there aching for a child. Give your baby to someone capable of loving them. Abortion is not the answer. The fact that some people are trying to normalize it, literally breaks my heart into pieces for the millions of innocent babies that don't stand a chance against someone's selfishness. Choose love, choose life!

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