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2nd Congressional lawmakers update

Among the recent issues that Congress addressed were child pornography, the Keystone XL pipeline and small business tax extenders. Here is how Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio and House Representative Gwen Graham, of the 2nd Congressional District, voted on these issues.
Child Pornography, Victims Restitution: The Senate voted 98 to zero, with two abstentions, to pass a bill expanding restitution for victims of child pornography. The bill would expand a victim's losses to include medical services, therapy, rehabilitation, transportation, childcare and lost income. It would also allow defendants who have contributed to the same victim's losses to spread the cost of restitution among themselves and establish minimum award levels for certain offenses. Nelson and Rubio both voted yes.
Keystone XL Pipeline: The House voted 270 to 152, with two abstentions, to pass a bill that would immediately allow TransCanada to construct, connect, operate and maintain the pipeline and cross-border facilities known as the Keystone XL pipeline, including any revision to the pipeline route within Nebraska as required or authorized by the state. The bill also would consider the January 2014 environmental impact statement issued by the State Department sufficient to satisfy all requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species. Graham voted yes.
Small Business Tax Extenders: The House voted 272 to 142, with 18 abstentions, to pass a bill that would make permanent the increased expensing limitations in the tax code that allow small businesses to deduct up to $500,000 of their equipment costs for a maximum of $2 million worth of property. The bill would make permanent the reduced recognition period for S corporations under which they could be taxed for sales of certain assets. It would also make permanent a tax break for the charitable contributions of S corporations and allow them to qualify for the same tax exemptions that apply to individuals for charitable contributions. Graham voted yes. The 2nd Congressional District encompasses 13 counties in whole or part in the Panhandle. The district extends from Washington County on the west to Taylor County and the western part of Madison County on the east.

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