2014 Tax Refunds Will Not Be Delayed

There have been rumors and circulations of stories in reference to the “2014 Federal Tax Refunds To Be Delayed Until October 2015.” All this has been in the wake of the article that was published by National Report, circulating on Facebook claiming that the 2014 tax refunds will be delayed until October 2015. According to the article, the Internal Revenue Service was given new directives by the Obama Administration to delay tax refunds, as it would save the government billions of dollars.

However, National Report is a satirical website and their claim is false. According to the IRS’s website, www.irs.gov, they will issue most refunds in less than 21 days of receiving each individual’s tax return. The IRS will begin accepting tax returns electronically and processing paper tax returns on Tuesday, Jan. 20. The IRS wants taxpayers to know filing electronically is the most accurate way to file a tax return and the fastest way to get a refund.

You may track the status of your tax refund by using the free IRS2Go mobile app, which is available for android, iPhone or iPad. You may also use the Where’s My Refund? tool on the IRS website, www.irs.gov. Refund statuses are updated once a day and usually at night. While your tax return is being processed you can follow it through three stages: Return Received, Refund Approved and Refund Sent.

Employers must report wages, tips and other compensation paid to an employee by filing the W-2 form to the IRS by January 31. The deadline for individuals to file their tax return is Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box