2014 Madison County Sheriff’s Office Personnel

We regret that we inadvertently left off several names of local Madison County Sheriff Deputies, last week in our National Police Week spotlight. Here is the list in its entirety:
Deputy Sheriffs
Sheriff Ben Stewart
Chief Deputy Epp, Richardson
Captain David Harper – Law Enforcement Bureau
Captain Walter R. Smith – Chief Jail Administrator
Captain Mark Joost – Evidence-Training
Lieutenant William Sircy – Investigations
Lieutenant Randy Jansch – Patrol
Lieutenant Latricia Davis – Corrections/Classifications
Lieutenant Kathrine West – Corrections/Security
Sergeant Maurice Alexander – SRO
Corporal Kevin Anderson – Patrol/Canine
Sergeant Christopher Andrews – Investigations
Sergeant Bobby Boatwright – Investigations/Canine
Shelia Combs – Victim Advocate
Nancy H Curl – Administrative Assistant/Finance-HR
Deputy John Deming – Civil/Court Services
Sergeant Esther DeMotsis – Investigations
Sergeant Arthur Deno – Patrol
Deputy Tracy Dowdy – Patrol
Deputy David Eastabrooks – Patrol
Corporal Josh Harris – SRO
Sergeant Bill Hart – Civil/Court Services
Sergeant Doug Haskell – Investigations
Deputy David Jarvis – Part-time Deputy /Court Services
Sergeant Brad Johnson – Patrol
Deputy Michael Keith Kirkland – Patrol
Sergeant Richard Klein – Investigations
Deputy Joseph Knight – Patrol
Corporal Jarrod Lauth – Patrol/Canine
Deputy Odell Livingston – Patrol
Sergeant Maurice, Michael – Patrol
Deputy Edwin McMullen – Patrol
Corporal David Myers – Patrol
Deputy Chris O’Brian – Patrol/Canine
Corporal Kevin Odom – Patrol
Sergeant Dennis Pitts – Patrol
Deputy Eugene Pride – Part-time Deputy/Court Services
Sgt. Sharon Shadrick – Investigations
Corporal Kevin Stout – Patrol
Sue Tuten – Administrative Assistant/Civil
Tammy Webb – Administrative Assistant/Warrant/Records
Corporal Alan Whigham – Civil/Court Services
Deputy Jason Whitfield – Traffic
MCSO Correctional Division
Corporal Nichola Alexander – Corrections
Bridget Brown – Correctional Officer
Sergeant Robert Buchanan Jr. – Maintenance-Purchasing
Corporal Jenine Clay – Corrections
Jeremy Deming – Correctional Officer
Alisa Fitzgerald – Correctional Officer
Andrew Shane Gilbert – LPN/Corrections/Medical
Corporal Jessie Goss – Corrections
Sergeant Debbie Graham – Corrections
Annette Johnson – Correctional Officer
Justin Kinsey – Correctional Officer
Sergeant Pamela Knight – Corrections/Administration
Corporal Frederick J. Korey – Corrections
Lilly L Korey – Inmate Food Transport
Beatrice Livingston – Correctional Officer
Brian McIntosh – Correctional Officer
Roy Miller – Correctional Officer
Lillie Mobley – Correctional Officer
Sergeant Bradley Pickels – Corrections
Sonny Pridgeon – Correctional Officer
Krystal Robinson – Correctional Officer
Matthew Settles – Correctional Officer
Sergeant Jimmy Smith – Corrections
Sergeant Kay Stephenson – Corrections
Corporal Morris Washington – Corrections/Inmate Transportation
Terry L. Lenz – Chief Communications Officer
Brian Bish – Communications Officer
Wade Deyerle – Communications Officer
Sarah Leigh McGraw – Communications Officer
Jessie Prince – Communications Officer
Magan McCarthy – Communications Officer
Allen Shadrick – Communications Officer
Carol Taylor – Communications Officer
Barbara Thrift – Communications Officer
Michelle Pulliam – Communications Officer
Kimberly H. Washington – Communications Officer
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