2014 Birddog Jamboree Coming To Madison

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By Lynette Norris Greene Publishing, Inc. The Birddog Jamboree is coming to Madison this year, the second weekend of March. The Wildwings Hunting Preserve and Yogi Bear Campground will host the three-day event, running from Friday, March 7, through Sunday, March 9, featuring dog obedience and water retrieval demonstrations, field trials, skeet shooting, professional photography, auctions and raffles, a presentation by local veterinarian Dr. John Lewis on practical first aid for hunting dogs in the field, a chance to have your valuable hunting dog, your beloved mutt or other four-footed family member microchipped, and many more enjoyable events. For the love of dogs, and bird dogs in particular, the proceeds from each year’s Jamboree go to birddog rescue efforts. In addition to the Birddog Jamboree happenings, there will be the usual Yogi Bear Park activities for the children, with train rides and visits from good ole Yogi himself in a weekend that has something for the whole family as well as bird-hunting enthusiasts. Admission for the entire weekend is $10 for adults and $5 for children; badges or bracelets for the event will allow re-entry on successive days. If there is enough support for this year’s event, the Birddog Jamboree might start coming to Madison on an annual basis. For more information on the Birddog Jamboree, call (615) 885-1115 (Nashville, TN.) or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/birddogjamboree.

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