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July 11, 1958 (60 Years Ago)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday that the 1958 crop of flue-cured tobacco would be supported at rates averaging 54.6 cents a pound. This is 3.8 cents higher than last year's average support price.

Van H. Priest was assured another three-year term on the Madison City Commission Tuesday when qualification time closed with no other candidacy filed.

David Pritchard VIII, son of the Rev. and Mrs. David Pritchard, was baptized at 11 a.m. Sunday at St. May's Episcopal Church. The Rev. Mr. Pritchard performed the baptismal rite.

July 12, 1968 (50 Years Ago)

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Selph celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday night at their lake cottage with friends and relatives.

Fred A. Boyd Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Boyd, of Greenville, a student at Florida State University in Tallahassee, is attending Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps summer camp. The course began June 17, at Ft. Braggs, NC.

Jimmy Sullivan has qualified for the City Commission race. He was nominated by the filling of a petition with the names of 25 registered voters on it. Mayor Gordon Williams decided not to run for a third three-year term though friends were circulating a petition for him.

July 14, 1978 (40 Years Ago)

Mikel B. Tuten was honored at the Spring Quarter University of the Florida College Pharmacy, on the Deans List for 3.25 Spring-time. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Tuten of Pinetta.

Vicky Donaldson from Madison County returned home from Washington D.C. after completing Citizenship '78., a week-long living experience in Citizenship at National 4-H Center.

July 13, 1988 (30 Years Ago)

County Judge Wetzel Blair will be seeking re-election in Sept. to the office of Madison County Court Judge for his fourth term.

Saturday, police spotted three more patches of marijuana using Sheriff Joe Peavy's aircraft. About 40 plants were collected from small patches cut out of the woods on land belonging to a large paper company.

James A. Miller, North Florida's vocational student of the year, has been named a United States National Collegiate Award winner in cosmetology.

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