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Teacher Spotlight: Samantha Turner

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Samantha Turner

Samantha Turner is a math and science teacher for third grade students at Pinetta Elementary School (PES), in Pinetta. The 2017 fall semester is her first year – both at PES and as a teacher overall. Before Turner began her work at PES, she was a full-time intern at Lee Elementary School for one year but that was her only experience.

“I wanted to become an educator since childhood, but I took a different career path,” said Turner. “Into my twenties, I saw friends and family who were in the profession and how rewarding of a career they had.” Turner says she craved a career with a purpose so she went back to school. After spending time in classrooms during her practicums, she knew this was the right career path.

When asked what the best part of teaching is, “being able to be silly and learn at the same time,” said Turner. She loves when her students realize that school doesn't have to be boring. “I like to introduce exciting new ways to teach my students,” said Turner.

Turner has learned to embrace the simple moments. “Sometimes we take life's smaller victories for granted and I have learned to appreciate even the smallest of gains,” said Turner. She wants her students to remember their time in her classroom as engaging and informative. She wants them to grasp the content and recollect the fun experiments and catchy tunes that helped them to remember the more difficult concepts in an easier way.

Turner grew up in Lee and attended Lee Elementary School, Madison County Central School, and Madison County High School. She is the daughter of Leroy and Loree Rutherford. Turner is married to Jordan Turner and they have one daughter, one-year-old Hadlee.

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