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Midnight blaze leaves man in need

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. On Monday, June 17, Sirmans Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) firefighters and Madison Fire Department (MFD) firefighters responded to a midnight fire that caused the total loss of a mobile home, located on SW Mt. Olive Church Rd., in the Sirmans community in southwest Madison County. MFD received the call at 11:36 p.m. and arrived at approximately 12:12 a.m. Upon battling the fire and helping Sirmans extinguish the flames, MFD cleared the scene at approximately 3 a.m. MFD Chief Bruce Jordan reports no injuries. Friends and…

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Get your ears on at Disney! Summer deal offered

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. It’s a summer deal you can’t turn down. Grab your Mickey Mouse ears, it’s time to go to Walt Disney World! Available only to Florida residents, Walt Disney World guests can enjoy three to four-day specials, with a limited-time offer available until Aug. 28, 2019. Florida residents can purchase four-day, Get Your Ears On tickets for $55 per day, plus tax; a total of $219 plus tax. Not looking to spend four days? Don’t worry! Disney is offering a three-day deal as well, for $67…

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Pork was king in the 1930s

Mickey Starling: Greene Publishing, Inc. When we think of pork today, pork chops, bacon and ham are quick to come to mind. But, back in the 1930s, pork of all cuts was often king of the dinner table. Other than gathering around a radio in the evenings, many social gatherings in Madison County centered around helping a neighbor with the necessities of daily life. Due to the hardships brought on by the depression, money was scarce and many folks exchanged labor for the supplies they needed. Combining hard work with…

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Alligator mating season is here: Tips to stay safe and respect Florida’s largest reptile

Ashley Hunter: Greene Publishing, Inc. The warm climate, abundant wildlife and stunning waterfronts are just some of the reasons why Florida has lured millions of people to our coastal, beautiful state. But the details that bring humans to Florida are the very same reasons why The Sunshine State is the perfect habitat for America’s largest (natural) reptile – the alligator. For centuries, humans and alligators have shared the land and waters of the southern United States, with the alligator’s habitat receiving increasing encroachment as cities expand into rural areas, residents…

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